The theme of the year

Every year, the 20 km of Paris decide a theme to highlight before and during the event. After the artistic trilogy (music, cinema, comic strip) of the last 3 editions, we chose the theme of « Street Art ».


What is Street Art?

Let us see what Wikipedia tells us:

Urban art or street art, is a contemporary artistic movement. It brings together all forms of art on the street, or in public places, and encompasses various techniques such as fast wall graffiti, advertising, stencil, mosaic, sticker, display or even yarn bombing Or facilities. It is mainly an ephemeral art seen by a large public.


Why Street Art?

We run into the streets … the street art is exposed … what is more natural than to associate these two forms of expressions. We were looking for a very visual theme for the riders to feel it … as soon as the race bibs are taken out of the race, all along the course and on arrival! Come and take a look!


Poster by Nebay

Yes but how to decline this very specific artistic theme.

Well, a young volunteer, led by his father during the old editions of the 20km of Paris, became a recognized artist in the world of graffiti (a component of Street Art).

It is NEBAY and he realized the poster of the 2017 edition in his own way.


affiche_2017_street_art_1 affiche_2017_street_art_2

Learn more about Nebay:

Born in 1973, NEBAY began graffiti in 1987. He joined the crew JCT – I Still Running at 100 per hour – with SNA1, OKE, SKOR, ELM1, RANT and SHAP, and then signed BOST. It was later, in 1995, that he took the blaze NEBAY and became more involved in the graffiti movement. He then set to work in the studio and began to exhibit. In parallel, he hijacked many advertising posters which he dislodged, painted and reinstalled in the early morning, in bus shelters. Characters, letters, messages and interventions become one of his signatures that will make him known. He will produce a series of 100 numbered posters which will be the subject of a film – The Color Donor – directed by AZTEK of the ZRC crew.

In 2002, he leaves alone in Russia, passes through Mongolia, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and ends by Thailand. On his return from this journey, rich in human encounters, NEBAY continued his solo journey and multiplied the exhibitions from 2003 onwards. At the end of 2005, he decorated the set of the program « Tout le monde en parle » for Ardisson. Return to China for two exhibitions in Shanghai in the galleries district of Mogan Shan Lou.

Without ever leaving the wall or intervening on the street, NEBAY is one of those graffiti artists for whom the passage to the canvas is an additional element, source of experience and rich in discoveries. His European-style old school style takes up the colorful lettering of the beginnings of New York graffiti, the B.Boy characters and the tag, of which he is one of the first to experiment with dripping on the Parisian sidewalks And on the canvas.

Rich and colorful, his universe mixes jumbled posters, colorful and abstract spots, wild style, dripping on canvas, figures and playful characters, carrying a message of anger always full of hope.


Extract from www.wallworks.fr

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