On Sunday the 28th of October, 1979, at 1:00pm, 8,000 runners took off from the starting line of the first « 20 Kilomètres de Paris », organized jointly by the Paris City Hall and ASCAIR, the Air Force’s Athletic and Cultural Association.


The race was the idea of French athlete Michel Jazy.

    • Since that time, ASCAIR has continued to organize what has become one of the most popular races in France. More than 22,000 runners took the start of the 30th edition of the race on the 12th of October, 2009.


    • Since 1979, the race has been sponsored by the Air Force, and organized by their Paris-based Athletic Association.


    • Since 1979, the « 20 Kilomètres de Paris » has started from the foot of the Eiffel Tower.


    • ince 1979, more than 800 volunteers have given their time and energy every year to provide the best possible services to runners. 800 volunteers whose motivation never fails, and without whom the atmosphere of the course would not be what it is today.


  • Since 1979, the race has been led by incredible athletes. The course record has improved by over 4 minutes, and the race is now run in less than 58 minutes.
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