You will find here all the question people usually ask.

1 – General questions

Why a virtual 20km de Paris?
With the worldwide sanitary situation and all the incertitudes, we decided to cancel the 2020 edition of Les 20 Km de Paris planned for October 11.

Nevertheless, we wanted to keep in contact with our community with an alternative race.

That’s how the virtual 20 km de Paris race was born. A new running format, innovative and in the spirits of the time.

Why should I participate to the virtual 20km de Paris?
  • To help the Pasteur Institute, an important actor in the battle against the pandemic.
  • To live a unique experience with friends, family or colleagues. In Paris, in France or everywhere in the world.
  • To participate to a sportive and noble cause
  • To support the Association Club of Les 20 km de Paris, that was really impacted by the cancellation of the 2020 edition of the 20km de Paris.
When and where can I participate to the virtual 20 km de Paris?
When you want between October 08 and 11, you can rather walk or run.

Where you want to. Your participation in the 2020 virtual 20 km de Paris can be from all over France, or even the World. You are free to run everywhere, but remember to respect the rules of the place you are running in. You should favour secure places like parks, forests or car-free places.

2 – Registration

Who can register?

This race is open to both runners and walkers born in 2002 and before. The “wheelchair” disabled,  “standing” disabled and Joëlette categories can participate to the event. Group registrations are open  to Companies, Clubs, Schools, Army, Institutions who will receive extra services and dedicaded standings.

How to register?

First of all, you will have to register on our registration platform and choose your pack. Second of all, you will need to connect your tracking device on our partner’s website Running Heroes.

Do I need a medical certificate to participate to the virtual race?

No medical certificate will be ask to register to the Virtual 20 km de Paris 2020.

Nevertheless, specific training is needed to run 20km, all participants must be aware of their state of health to participate in the Virtual 20 km de Paris.

Can I get a refund?

If you decide to cancel your registration, the « Club des 20 km de Paris » will keep the inscriptions costs and donate the 5€ to the Pasteur Institute.
Nevertheless, if you had chosen a Duo Collector pack or Connecté pack with options (medals, t-shirt, engraving medal), these will still be sent.

How much does it cost?

They are 3 different packs:

Connecté Pack: 15 € with 5€ for the Pasteur Institute

• Bib and digital diploma

•Participation in random draws

Options :
• Tee-shirt : 10 €
• Medal : 6 €

Collector Pack: 29 € with 5€ for the Pasteur Institute

Connecté Pack +
• Finisher medal
• JOMA Tee-shirt
• 2 deliveries in France (Tee-shirt then medal)
• Possibility of joining preparation training sessions

Option :
• Kids: 10 € per child (max 3 children per Collector Packs) a medal, a Joma T-shirt for kids and a Goliath board game

Duo Collector Pack: 54 € with 10€ for the Pasteur Institute
Two Connecté Packs +
• 2 Finisher medals
• 2 JOMA Tee-Shirts
• 2 deliveries in France (2 tee-shirts then 2 medals)
•Possibility of joining preparation training sessions

Option :
• Kids: 10 € per child (max 3 children per Collector Packs) a medal, a Joma T-shirt for kids and a Goliath board game


Can I register my company to the Virtual 20km de Paris?

Yes, Companies (and every all entities) can register as groups (at least 5 participants) and benefit dedicated services (help with your registration, grouped invoicing, participation to challenges, recovery, care, …). Send your requests at groupes.connecte@20kmparis.com

What's included in my registration?

In your registration, there is a  donation to the Pasteur Institute and also the delivery cost.

These prices also include the inscription platform fees, race communication and the price/time that was needed for this project.

How to register as a disabled athlete?

To register in the disabled athlete categories, you must send an email to handisport@20kmparis.com.

How to register in the joëlette category?

To register in the Joëlette category, you must send an email to joelette@20kmparis.com.
You must be 6 runners and a person in the Joëlette.

Can I register even if I'm in a foreign country?

Yes, you can participate in the Virtual 20 km de Paris everywhere in the world. It is also possible to take the T-shirt and medals option with a price of approximately 6€ for Europe and 10€ for the rest of the world.

If I'm a Joëlette or disabled athlete, How do I declare my results?

In the “standing” disabled category and Joëlette category: You must follow the usual procedure and synchronise your tracking device.

In the “wheelchair” disabled category, there will be a special page to allow you to hand over your results.

Can I register my child?

Yes, to do so you will need a Collector or Duo Collector Pack with the Kids option. (More information in 20 kids de Paris section)

3 – The Race

How can I do the Virtual 20 km de Paris?

You can rather Run or walk the Virtual 20 km de Paris.

Can I do it in more than one time?

No, you must do it all in once without putting your tracker on “pause”.

Can I do the 20 km by walking?

Yes, the event is open to both runners and walkers. There are no time delays but you must do it all in once.

Is there a time limit for the 20km?

There are no time limits, but you must do the 20 km all in once.

How to prepare the Virtual 20 km de Paris?

To help you for the Virtual 20 km de Paris and your running season, there will be free training sessions to whom possesses a Collector or Duo Collector Pack. The sessions start in September with our coach Benoit César.

Do I have to run with my numerical bib ?

No, you don’t have to, but for more friendliness on d-day, we advise you to put it on. It’s also always nice to share it on social media.

What happens if I do less or more than 20km?

If you do not respect the distance, you must do it again 🙁

Nevertheless, there is a 500 meters tolerance. But the distance shown is the distance run. Ex : 20,020km = OK, et 20,560 km = NO OK.

If you run less than 20 km, it will not count.

Can I pick my best 20km out of many?

No, your first 20km will be the one chosen for the virtual 20 km de Paris.

Is there a Virtual 20 kids de Paris?

Yes, there is a Virtual 20 Kids de Paris for kids from 6 to 16 years old. (See the Virtual 20 kids de Paris section for more informations)

4 – ACtivity datas

How do we know we just did 20km?

The kilometres are calculated with the GPS in your smartphone, with a tracking application or with your running GPS watch.

Which applications can I use to track myself?

The following applications are compatible :
Adidas Running (ex Runtastic)
Health Mate
Decathlon Coach
Movescount (Suunto)

How to connect my application to Running Heroes platform?

After your registration to the race, yous must create a Running Heroes account and join the race on Running Heroes with the code your received confirmation mail.
Rendezvous in your account in Running Hereos:
Connect one of the different apps or if you skipped that part click “more”  at the bottom right then click “Connected apps” and select yours.

You can also choose your application on Running Heroes website.

5 – Standings and rewards

Is there standings for the Virtual 20 km de Paris?

Yes, there is the Men standings and Women standings.
There will also be standings for each following age categories :
under 19 years old
20-24 years old
25-29 years old
30-24 years old
35-39 years old
40-44 years old
45-49 years old
50-54 years old
55-59 years old
+ than 60 years old
“Wheelchair” disabled athletes
“standing” disabled athletes

Where can we see the standings?

On the standings page on Running Heroes. You will be able to see the provisional standings live (except for disabled athletes and Kids)

The final standings will be available on the 20 km de Paris’s website within a week.

What can I win by participating in the Virtual 20 km de Paris?

The first three men and women and the winners of each category will win prizes from our partners.

There will also be random draws which all participants will be part of.

6 – Provision

If I've selected a T-shirt or medal option, a collector Pack, or a Duo Collector Pack, when will I receive my provisions?

If you registered before September 25, 2020 with a Connecté Pack Option T-shirt, Collector or Duo Collector Pack, you will receive your JOMA T-shirt before the event. That way, you will be able to wear it on the 20km’s day.

If you registered after September 25, 2020, we will do our maximum to deliver your JOMA T-shirt before the race, but we cannot guarantee it.

If you bought a medal option, a Collector or Duo collector Pack, your medal will be send after the event.

7 – Virtual 20 kids de Paris

How will I declare the results of the child or children who participated?

The results must be declared by a responsible adult on a dedicated page on our technical partner’s website.

How many children can I register?

Maximum 3 children with a Collector Pack and up to 6 children with a Duo Collector Pack.

Do my child need a medical certificate to participate?

No medical certificate are needed for the registration of a child in the Virtual 20 Kids de Paris.

Is there provision for the Virtual 20 kids de Paris?

Each kid will receive a collector medal, a JOMA T-shirt and a Goliath board game.

Will there be standings for the Virtual 20 kids de Paris ?

No, there will not be standings for the Virtual 20 kids de Paris.

As the usual 20 kids de Paris, the event is a discovery race to learn how to take pleasure by running.